Sunday, February 6, 2011

Here goes nothing...

So I know I really didn't say much of anything in my first post, and to be honest I think it was a bit too carefully thought out. I really want this blog to be a free flow of my thoughts, since I have such a hard time of sorting them out.... so I'll work on that.

Anyways, tonight I'm going to have a proper coming out with some friends. I sort of mentioned this in my first post, but I didn't have a great experience my first time coming out to people, but I largely blame myself. I was too scared to do it and so did it while drunk and since I was still having a hard time accepting that I'm gay myself, it made it all the much harder to talk about things with my friends. That's really what I need, I think, to just talk it over with friends. And so tonight, after my friend gets off work, I'm meeting up with 3 friends (two guys one girl) to tell them. One I had already told (not in the best way) but I hadn't yet talked about it. The other two will be caught by surprise (but probably not).

Anyways I'll write more about myself and how it goes tonight and about my past coming out stories in more posts. OH SHIT, GB just won!! haha.

Alright we'll see how this all goes....

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  1. Good luck man. Don't stress over it...things will happen as they're supposed to.